This is her Story

The beginning

The story of Charlene’s Project started long before she was born. Dickie and Janice Barr – Charlene’s mum and dad, talk about their life before Charlene, and the decision to bring her home after she was given up for adoption.

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Growing up knowing she was adopted was difficult for Charlene Barr, struggling with issues of identity and not feeling like she belonged presented real problems which she battled to overcome.

However it was when she visited Uganda in 2008 that she realised she was not alone in this struggle. The connection she made with the children there was to change her whole outlook on life as she witnessed first hand how little they had.

Charlene's path to Uganda...

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Back home

Going to Uganda and meeting children who also struggled with illness, or issues over rejection and abandonment opened Charlene’s eyes, and changed her perspective on life.

Arriving back to Northern Ireland Charlene often thought about those she met while in Uganda, remembering their struggles and positive outlook. Like many who have visited such places before, Charlene wanted to do something to help.

Little did she realise just where this desire would lead.

If I was born here, I wouldn't have survived.

"I loved Uganda and saw how little the children had. I want to make it possible for some children there to get an education.

That way my WAITING for a double lung transplant will have made their life better.

Thanks to everyone who has, and is supporting me in accomplishing my dream."

Charlene: 16 October 2010. 14 days before she passed away

She ran her race so well...

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