Together we can help to ensure no child goes without clean water, food or access to an education. 

By sponsorship through Charlene’s Project you will directly impact their life and opportunities. 

Our Sponsorship programme has directly affected over 180 children in Uganda

Over 93 pence out of every £ spent by Charlene’s Project in the last accounting year was spent directly helping those we work with. The remaining 7 pence out of every £ was spent on administrative and governance costs of running the organisation.

How it works

As an organisation we have started to move away from encouraging sponsorship of individuals, and instead are adapting to a model of sponsorship of a community to allow development and progress for everyone.

Over the years because of people’s generosity here we have been able to sponsor over 180 children/young people through education. However, there are still so many that do not get this opportunity.

Our vision as an organisation has been to build a secondary school in the Masindi area in Uganda (link to 2020 Vision page), where there was previously no secondary school. For these kids, secondary education was a dream that could not be attained, but Charlene's Project has always wanted that to change.

We continue as an organisation to work towards helping children through education in Uganda, and we have recently begun the construction of Charlene Secondary School to make this vision a reality. Prior to this, if children wanted to attend secondary school they had to travel very long distances and often stay far away from home, which was a luxury most families in the community could not afford unless they were able to get sponsorship.

The community is extremely excited about a high quality secondary school in their area.

Here is a short video of the secondary school when we visited it in 2022. If you would like to sponsor this school and the dream of secondary education please fill out the form below.

To become a sponsor, fill in the form below and we will contact you to set up your regular giving.

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