Building Work

Building what matters

Investing in capital projects matters. Fit for purpose buildings with clean drinking water increases health, wellbeing and outcomes in the local community.

In 2008 Charlene visited Uganda, seeing children unable to attend school because there wasn't one, she dedicated herself to raising the money needed to build it.

Charlene didn't live to see Hidden Treasures (the first school) finished, but 10 years on, the project she began has built 4 schools, is involved with supporting another 10 across 4 countries and has raised over £1,000,000 in the process.

Buildings which are fit for purpose bring pride to a community. They can dramatically increase the quality of education as they become attractive to the best teachers, looking for opportunities for career progression and development. High spec buildings also boost the aspirations of those children who attend, as they begin to see new possibilities.

Buildings are much more than bricks and mortar, they signal the intent of those who occupy them, they boost the local economy as builders and equipment is sourced locally, and then of course when finished, more people move to the area as a result.

Since 2010, Charlene's Project has built clean water wells, teacher accommodation, toilets and schools.

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