Will you help us make a difference in the lives of these children?

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Will you help us make a difference in the lives of these children through the following fundraising events?

Charlene’s Project continues to partner with Hidden Treasure Primary School and the surrounding Maya community just outside Kampala. It is amazing what Charlene’s vision has accomplished in the lives of the children there and her legacy continues. We were thrilled to see and hear during our June visit all that is being done there and look forward to see how things develop further into the future.

Charlene’s Project has also begun the journey with Kahara Primary School and the surrounding community in Masindi district near Lake Albert. Before Christmas the ground will be broken so that the mud and straw classroom can be replaced with fit for purpose classrooms in a similar way to that which has already happened at Hidden Treasure. Although the journey has started much more still has to be done. 

We appreciate so much those who are helping us through fundraising to make Charlene’s dreams become reality. I am listing below some of the upcoming events and would appreciate you publicising these through family, friends, school, work and church. Together we can continue what Charlene started.


1. Can you get a 5-a-side hockey team to compete in the 5-a-side Hockey Fun Blitz?

2. Would you be able to pack some bags for us in Lurgan Tescos on 17th November?

Contact janicebarr2@yahoo.co.uk if you can help?

Check out  https://www.facebook.com/events/254720211317188/ for more information


3. Plan to attend the Big Festive Fry – a must as part of your Christmas diary


4. Can you sell Fireside Quiz Sheets for us at £1 per sheet  – a good family activity – even Santa is having a go – contact Janice and she will get some to you

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