Diika Health Centre Receives New Maternity Ward

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It was amazing to be able to visit Diika in November 2023 and see the progress on the new Maternity Ward and see the excitement of staff and the local community. Staff talked of the massive impact that this new unit will have in the community. The staff in this health centre have faced so many challenges with limited space to cater for women; however this new unit will mean they will be able to cater for more groups of people due to more space for beds for more patients, as well as isolation spaces for HIV positive mothers or women with other complications. In the past women were hesitant to, or delayed coming to the health centre due to their only being one bed, and so they gave birth at home or on the journey to the health centre. This resulted in more complications and was dangerous for both mother and baby. Women in this community will now be able to safely give birth at their local health centre rather than having to give birth in their homes, at a hospital a large distance away (which many cannot afford to attend), or along the roadside.

We cannot begin to express the difference this will make, it will provide women with dignity and safety through antenatal, labour and postnatal care, literally saving lives of women and babies. Thank you to Richhill Methodist and others for their generous support and making this work possible!

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