Charlene Secondary School accepting students up to A Level

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Charlene Secondary is now into its second full year of opening and has close to 600 pupils from Senior 1 to Senior 6, all the way up to A Level. This is transformative in a community where previously secondary education was not accessible. Our hope and prayer is that this reduces a huge barrier to education in these local communities and that children and young people will be able to progress to secondary education having the hope of a better future.

Charlene wouldn’t believe what all has been achieved in Uganda thanks to the support of individuals here. An additional classroom block was just recently completed at Charlene Secondary School as the numbers of pupils grew quicker than we expected and so an additional classroom block was needed to cope with the number of pupils and make it possible for the school to teach up to A Level. In this next year we are working towards building additional latrines needed for the increasing school numbers to ensure good health and sanitation, alongside the need to build additional dormitories for boarders. We are thankful for these needs as it means the school is in high demand, but with it comes challenges of ensuring the school has what it needs to function and provide a safe and nurturing environment for students.

Thank you for your continued support to make this possible!

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