New Sports Kit for Schools in Uganda

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New kit for Charlene’s Project Schools in Uganda

Ulster Hockey, Northern Ireland Football and Villiers School in Limerick donated kit to Charlene’s Project that was distributed in August across the 8 Primary Schools Charlene’s Project are working with in Uganda.

One of the highlights of the recent Charlene’s Project visit to Uganda was being able to distribute the kit donated by Villiers School, Ulster Hockey and Northern Ireland Football. At Kahara School where we have been working for quite some time the community were excited to host a game of football with the mothers playing the daughters, all in the brand new kit we had brought out. It is not that long ago that some in the community told us that only boys play sports. What a transformation.

Charlene’s Project is supporting Kahara, Kirwala, Bunyama, Runyanya, St Livingstone, Diika, Kothongola and Nyinga Primary Schools, 6,500 children attend these 8 Primary Schools. We were able to give each school their own kit and already the 8 schools have had an interschool tournament in their new kits. These schools are very rural and experience so many challenges.

  • School drop-out rate is high
  • Girls are particularly disadvantaged educationally
  • There is no secondary school in this whole sub-district
  • Immediate needs are for teacher accommodation and latrines

Already the schools have had a football and netball tournament with the teams proudly playing in their new kits. 

Charlene’s Project is working to promote education and sport in these schools with the long term dream of seeing a secondary school established in this community for the children.





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