Natalie Reacts to the news!

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Natalie gives us her reaction to being chosen for the Olympic Torch Relay…

1) Natalie, you have been chosen to carry the olympic torch for a leg of it’s journey. How did you find out and what was your first reaction?

I received an email and was very excited to hear the great news. Was really over the moon.

2) What leg are you going to run and when?
Haven’t heard all the details yet will find out specific details two weeks before I am due to run but all I know so far is I am running in Ballygalley on the 3rd June.

3) Being part of the Olympics at this level must feel very special – have you got lots of people coming to cheer you on
The Barr family will be out as usual cheering me on. Can never get rid of them!!

4) We all know Charlene will be cheering you on, what do you think she would say to you as you gear up to carry the torch?
I think she would tell me to keep the light lit which is what we are trying to do by building a second school. Also she would wind me up and tell me not to fall and if I managed that she would treat me to a starbucks after.

5) What personal significance does this honour have for you?
I think it is a massive opportunity and honour and to me it is very symbolic and represents me passing on the torch just as Charlene did that to me and all of us as a family!

6) Anything else you want to say?
I need to go on a diet..after I finish drinking this hot chocolate of course!!

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