Mama Packs Delivered to Kahara

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At Kahara when women go to the clinic in labour (for women from Kahara the Diika Clinic is 13 km away – so getting there in labour itself isn’t easy) they have to provide their own “Mama Pack” composed of cotton wool, sterile gloves, cord clamp and other disposable requirements for a sterile delivery. With high HIV rates and mother and baby infection risk – this is so important to reduce maternal and neonatal infection and death. Often sadly the women cannot afford the small cost of providing this Mama Pack themselves.

We feel it is so important that women have Mama Packs so Charlene’s Project have purchased again this year Mama Packs for the pregnant women in Kahara.

Victoria, who is a community leader in Kahara and was previously a midwife in Kampala gives these packs to the pregnant women when they attend for antenatal care. When linked with antenatal care like this there is an encouragement to attend appointments thus improving pregnancy outcomes. We are so pleased to be able to make this small contribution of Mama Packs from Charlene’s Project to the wonderful women of the Kahara community. 

George from our partner Build Africa presenting Mama Packs to Kahara community.



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