Kahara building update

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Today we received the wonderful pictures below of the progress with the new building at Kahara Primary School, the second school that Charlene’s Project is supporting. Jackie from Build-Africa, our partner writes:

“The next phase of construction is going to be putting up the walling structure of the block and this is expected to be completed in late February. The block will be completed in April 2013 if construction progress remains steady. The four classroom block will complete the seven classroom primary school cycle demand for Kahara. With this development, Kahara’s enrollment at 319 pupils (159 girls and 160 boys) is expected to rise by at least 30% in the first two school terms of the year.”

You might recall previous pictures of the beginning of the school harvesting project with sowing on the land adjoining the school. Jackie reports on progress:

“Tarpaulins were to delivered to Kahara and these have been used in storing the maize and beans harvested from the school demonstration gardens. The gardens were harvested in mid-January and the school acquired 600kgs of maize and 90kgs of beans from the 2 acre garden. The food will be used to feed the children when the school term opens in February. In 2012, the school did not have a school feeding programme and a few children brought packed lunches.”

The borehole is scheduled for February/March to fix the highly acute water problem at the school. The borehole drilled will be able to serve all the children in the school and the local community. Water User Committees have been trained by Build Africa as custodians to maintain the boreholes and promote hygiene in the school and community in order to prevent the spread of water borne disease.

We were delighted that Sarah and Jordan were able to visit Kahara School early in January and they brought clothes, sweets and other gifts for the children. The pictures below tell the story.

Already plans are well advanced for a visit to Kahara and Hidden Treasure in July.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make these developments at Kahara a reality. We will keep you posted.

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