Guatemala Villages Food Fundraiser

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2 weeks ago we felt compelled to organise a fundraiser for the villagers of Vado Ancho and Las Escaleras, Guatemala who had indicated by putting white flags outside their homes during COVID-19 lockdown that their food was running out.

We could never have believed the incredible support as so many fundraisers came on board and supporters – friends, family and general public embraced the fundraiser to surpass our target of £12,000. As I write the amount raised on Go Fund Me has reached £18,000. 



The Barrs all did their own half marathon – the older pair walked their own course, the fittest younger ones ran and some ran and cycled – but whatever way everyone completed their own half marathon. Team members too worked out their own route and means of completion. Some did the distance in a single outing – others did it over a few days.  But each gave their time, enthusiasm and wonderful support to the fundraiser and the success is down to this amazing team and all who supported this effort. 

I have included some of the pictures below as a tribute to all who took part and I look forward to sharing very soon the news that the first food parcels have arrived in Vado Ancho and Las Escaleras. 

You can still donate here

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