Big Festive Fry 2013 and Reflections on 2013

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Thanks for your support of Charlene’s Project in 2013

This has been an amazing year for Charlene’s Project as we reflect on the continuing development at Hidden Treasure Primary School and the changes at Kahara Primary School. With Christmas coming and our annual fundraiser “The Big Festive Fry” just round the corner on Saturday 14th December we are looking forward to 2014 and all that will be accomplished in the lives of the children in Uganda that we work with. 

Hidden Treasure Primary

The change from 2009 is amazing with almost 300 children at Hidden Treasure Primary getting a good education through the project Charlene Barr started during her final illness. Over 100 of the children are sponsored and all the children in school are fed every day through Charlene’s Project. 

Hidden Treasure 2009

Hidden Treasure 2013

Kahara Primary

In 2011 we partnered with Build-Africa and we saw the change in Kahara Primary School ourselves during the summer trip. Last year the Big Festive Fry raised the monies to put a bore hole in the community – we saw the difference the well is making with clean water in that community for the first time, and the lives that have been changed as a result. The new school block was almost complete and we were able to present farming equipment to the school so that the children can be fed from the school farm. This will also mean that the children will learn good farming techniques that will help their families too in maximising the little they have.   We hope soon to be able also to offer sponsorship opportunities through Kahara Primary. 

Kahara 2102


New Friendships at Kahara 2013

Summer Team 2013

A team of 40 from Ireland and USA went to Uganda to work with Hidden Treasure and Kahara schools. The American team was made up from the Field Hockey team of Liberty University where our daughters Natalie and now Bethany and Serena (from August 2013) are studying. It was amazing to see the interactions between the young people from Uganda, America and Ireland as Kid’s Programmes, Sports Programmes and Humanitarian and Health Promotion Programmes were delivered. A number of hockey and sports camps were held at the only artificial turf field in Kampala and well over 1,000 children and teenagers engaged in the sporting activities, were fed and received kit and sports gear donations that had been sent from Ireland and USA. The theme throughout the trip was the little boy who brought his fish and loaves to Jesus and how Jesus took that little and used it to feed the 5000. Like that little boy, Charlene and indeed all of us – our little can make such a difference in the hands of Jesus. Many of the team plan to return in 2014 and continue to develop their Ugandan friendships and contribute to the development of hockey and other sports in Uganda.


 Teaching hockey skills

 With their donated kit





This Christmas again we are holding the Big Festive Fry in Dollingstown Church Halls. This is such a significant fundraiser for the work of Charlene’s Project – as a result of last year’s Big Festive Fry  we were able to put the borehole into Kahara and progress so much other development there.  The school buildings are up in Kahara but next year we hope to build a community hall and teacher accommodation. Our journey with both schools and communities is only beginning.

 It would be lovely to see you there and would be such an encouragement to us as we continue this work that Charlene started.


Big Festive Fry,  Saturday 14th December, 2014

7.30am–12pm in Dollingstown Halls



Thanks to so many who have organised fundraisers, donated or supported to make the work possible. If anyone would like to make a donation in lieu of Christmas cards or presents this year to the work of Charlene’s Project in Uganda please contact me for acknowledgement cards  – or if you are unable to make the Big Festive Fry and would like to help Charlene’s Project by way of a donation the link below allows online donations.


Plans for next year and beyond

There is so much more to do in both Hidden Treasure and Kahara schools and the surrounding communities. We have had the privilege to work with wonderful people in both schools and communities and with a number of different Ugandan and international NGO’s/charities which allows so much more to be done and is a process through which we all learn and grow. There is a desperate need for secondary education with so many really able and talented beautiful children with little hope of anything beyond P7. We are trusting and praying for a way forward so that these children we have grown to love have the same opportunities that our children enjoy and which we often take for granted. There is also project development work that we would like to explore in one of the slums we are involved in. We know what Charlene would say about taking these things forward.


At this special time of year can Dickie and I wish you and all whom you love a Christ centred Christmas – thanks for sharing with us in the work of Charlene’s Project. It has been an amazing and exciting journey that Charlene’s vision and faith continues to inspire. We look forward to what is still to come!





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