8th BIG FESTIVE FRY – 8 Primary Schools and a Secondary

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Recent video of Charlene’s Project work with Syrian refugees in Jordan – CLICK HERE

Recent video of Charlene’s Project work in Uganda – CLICK HERE

I recently returned from Uganda having visited the 8 Primary Schools in the area we are working. You may recall we started working in Kahara Primary School in 2012 – new classroom block, community hall, teacher accommodation, borehole, water harvesting tanks, sports field, farming equipment, maize sheller and grinder have been provided by Charlene’s Project over the last few years and progress on the ground is amazing. 

When we were there Janice and I had the privilege with local elders of breaking the ground for the nursery block Charlene’s Project is providing.

In 2014 Kirwala Primary School was added to Kahara and Charlene’s Project has provided teacher accommodation and text books. We recently were pleased to see the renovations on the classroom blocks which Charlene’s Project funded. This included new classroom floors and lightning conductors (1 child was struck and killed by lightning outside their classroom in 2017).

Charlene’s Project has made the decision to broaden their impact and will support all 8 Primary Schools in this deprived area which is very rural and isolated. The 8 Primary Schools are Kahara, Kirwala, Bunyama, Runyanya, St Livingstone, Diika, Kothongola and Nyinga. 6,500 children attend these 8 Primary Schools.

  • School drop-out rate is high
  • Girls are particularly disadvantaged educationally
  • There is no secondary school in this whole sub-district
  • Immediate needs are for teacher accommodation and latrines


  1. In the long term we want to build a secondary school for these children in their own community.


  1. In the short term Charlene’s Project wants to build educational aspirations and school retention in this Cluster of 8 Primary Schools. Charlene’s Project has committed to offer secondary school scholarships to 2 boys and 2 girls currently in P7 in each of the 8 Primary Schools.


We are so appreciative of the 32 sponsors who have committed to support these 32 children who will commence their secondary school education early in 2019. £25 monthly provides all the costs of giving these children a secondary school education. Many of these children will be the first not only in their family, but in their clan to go to secondary school.

Dickie and Janice

On behalf of Charlene’s Project as we continue to work in Uganda, Guatemala and with Syrian refugees in Turkey and Jordan

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