Uganda Challenge Update – £6,000 raised

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The 2 Moira Surgery teams, Richard’s Ramblers and The Dream Team are now in the Central African Republic on their virtual journey to Uganda – almost 80% of the journey done. The Portadown Cycling Club teams are in Algeria and Niger with Team Banana leading the way. Over £6,000 of our £10,000 target has been raised. Thanks everyone who is participating and everyone who has donated.

Position of teams in Africa

Uganda in sight?

As of 2019, according to the Human Development Index (HDI), the Central African Republic had the second-lowest level of human development (only behind Niger), ranking 188th out of 189 countries, and the country had the lowest inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI), ranking 150th out of 150 countries.

Forest elephants and western lowland gorillas are some of the wildlife here. There are also leopards, lions, cheetahs and rhinos.

A very different world to the one we know.

It is good to be able through this Challenge to help some of the children in Uganda. We hope to start the secondary build during this calendar year – building the secondary school will make such a difference in the community around the 8 primary schools we are supporting.

Thanks for your encouragement and for helping us on our journey and making a difference in the lives of these children.


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