Sponsor a Child

Together we can ensure no child goes without clean water, food or access to an education. 

By sponsoring a child through Charlene’s Project you will directly impact their life and opportunities. 

Our Child Sponsorship programme directly affects over 180 children in Uganda

Over 88 pence out of every £ spent by Charlene’s Project in the last accounting year was spent directly helping those we work with. The remaining 12 pence out of every £ was spent on administrative and governance costs of running the organisation.

How it works

You will have the opportunity to write to your sponsored child, mark significant moments and build a relationship. 

Your sponsorship will empower your child with an education, health care and opportunities. Giving them the tools to direct their life will bring them a better future.

From £30 per month, or £1.00 per day, you can make a difference. Over 88% of our income goes directly to vital projects benefitting the local community where your sponsored child lives.

To become a sponsor, fill in the form below and we will contact you to set up your regular giving.

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