Charlene’s Angels

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Charlene's Angels

Charlene's AngelsWhat is a Charlene’s Angel – well the more culturally aware of you may make the link between Charlies Angels and Charlene’s Angels – however this is not where the idea originated.

The whole concept really lies in the notion of support, action and advocacy. The role of Angels in the Bible are, among others, to be messengers, communicators, to be a link between Heaven and Earth, between God’s Community and our community. This is something we are asking of anyone who signs up to be a Charlene’s Angel – to be a messenger – a link person between Charlene’s Project and your community.

One of the best things about this idea is that Charlene knew about it, and she loved it!


What am I expected to do?

The key roles of a Charlene’s Angel are to:

  • Spread the word about Charlene’s Project in your local context. EG:
    • Advertising events and/or appeals in your Church / local town
    • Putting up posters / flyers
  • Organising an event in the next 12 months amongst friends / family to raise money and the profile for Charlenes Project work in Uganda.
  • Pray for the task ahead
  • Receive emails from Charlene’s Project to remain ‘in the loop’ about the latest developments.


Give me an example of this in action?

Charlenes Project is currently trying to fill a container to bring out to Uganda in the Summer of 2011. To achieve this task, we are looking for relevant school teaching materials, toys and other material which we know will be used there.

We can not do this all by ourselves, so by engaging our team of Charlene’s Angels, we can mobilise them to go into schools in their local areas to ask on our behalf. They will also be praying for this particular task to be a success, and in the meantime will act as the official Charlene’s Project rep for their area.

So the concept is really quite simple, yet ultimately is fulfilling, rewarding and challenging.


One of the best things about this idea is that although it was launched at the Dolly Walk in December 2010, Charlene knew about it before she died, and she loved it! She was a big fan of spreading the load and engaging as many people as possible into the vision of ‘creating better futures’ for children in Uganda. So in committing to this service, you will be helping Charlene’s vision be realised.


What next?

In order to sign up to become a Charlene’s Angel – it couldn’t be easier. Simply scroll up to the top of this page and input your name and email address into the box above, whereby you will be placed on our mailing list and we will then be in touch with you to begin the adventure…

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