Acholi Quarter

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The Acholi Quarter Beads Project is a self sustaining enterprise which provides an alternative to many women to working in the quarry breaking stones. Quarry work is heavy, dangerous work which yields about 5p per jerry can of stones and often the women must bring their young children with them.


Something like the Beads Project can help to lift women and children out of this environment and into making jewellery from recycled paper, to then paint, varnish and sell for a small profit which goes towards family and education.  

Charlene’s Project has purchased two sewing machines to support more income generating ventures with these young women. With the vital support of Youth Sport Uganda, the development of these projects not only create income but also network and empower these young women to further themselves and their families.

We are delighted to stock jewellery made in Acholi which is for sale, and can be sold at meetings or fund raising events. Contact us for more information.


We have also begun to sponsor some of these young women in their secondary school education to help them create the futures they hope for but often are out of reach purely as a result of lack of financial resource. If you would like to sponsor one of these girls contact Janice.


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