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Growing up knowing she was adopted was difficult for Charlene Barr, struggling with issues over identity and not feeling like she belonged presented real problems which she battled to overcome.
However it was when she visited Uganda in 2008 that she realised she was not alone in this struggle. The connection she made with the children there was to change her whole outlook on life as she witnessed first hand how little they had.
The lightbulb moment came in 2009 when she was faced with the reality that in order to beat the Cystic Fybrosis which was increasingly restricting her life, she needed a double lung transplant.
Instead of focussing on her own worsening condition, she set her heart on doing something for the children she met in Uganda. If she couldn’t go to school anymore – she was determined they would.


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She didn’t have family in the first year of life, and we wanted to be there for her at the end of her life

Janice Barr – Charlene’s mum


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/If I was born here, I wouldn’t have survived…

Charlene Barr


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