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Improving lives through knowledge and action
Improving lives through knowledge and activity
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The top 6 causes of death in Uganda are:
  1. neonatal disorders,
  2. HIV/AIDS,
  3. malaria,
  4. lower respiratory infections,
  5. Tuberculosis
  6. diarrhoea (CDC).
Mortality rate for children under 5 y/o is 49/1,000 live births compared to 4.3/1,000 in the UK
(Global Health Observatory, 2017).

Statistics from 2015 show that in Uganda 1 in 3 women aged 20-24 have given birth by age 18 and a woman’s lifetime risk of maternal death in 2015 was 1 in 47
Charlene’s Project’s critical aim is to improve maternal and child health care. We work alongside the government and local and international partners, advocating to improve the quality, staffing and access to the health clinics that these communities use.

We help provide education, training and resources to the staff of these health clinics aiming to empower and upskill staff leading to a sustainable lasting impact.
A good example of this is Diika Health Center, a government facility that provides health services to the communities where the 8 primary schools we are working in are situated. Our partner Masindi Kitara have been providing training and logistical support to Diika for Charlene’s Project with a view to upskilling and upgrading the staff and the facility to improve the services offered to the children, women and families in this community.
Children worldwide often suffer from easily preventable yet serious illnesses, which impact upon their education.

For this reason, in our schools we have prioritised health promotion programmes which address widespread problems the community recognise as important.

Over the course of time a small team of health professionals have held numerous camps on topics including sexual health, malaria, jiggers, sanitation and obstetric emergencies.

Within our schools we have also prioritised building latrines and hand washing facilities and providing access to safe drinking water thus reducing disease.
Sport provides children the opportunity to learn new skills applicable in all areas of life as well as the chance to have fun, make friends and improve health. For some individuals it provides a route out of poverty.

Often a lack of resources means sporting talent and athleticism can go unrealised.

In a culture where children often lose their youth too early through being exposed to the harsh realities of poverty and having to take on responsibilities far beyond their age, they often miss out on the opportunity to play sport, have fun and know what it is to be a child.
In 2015 we were told in one of our 8 cluster primary schools in Uganda that sport was not for girls, yet 3 years later, in 2018, we had the privilege of watching the whole community excitedly line out to watch and support the mums play the girls in football.
Charlene's Project have provided sports equipment and sports kits for the schools in Uganda. Through working with our partners Youth Sport Uganda, we have held numerous sports camps for all ages and abilities.

We coach a variety of sports including football, hockey, tennis, and other fun games with the children.
Within the 8 cluster primary schools in the district of Masindi we have supported the staff in setting up an inter school sporting tournament with a committee dedicated to organising annual competitions to allow scouts to attend and spot talent and allow children the opportunity to play and compete at a high level.
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